Leading and Self-Leading towards New Work

Our story

The foundations for greytogreen were laid early 2000.

At that time, we had been creating learning and leadership development programs for many years already. Our clients were delighted with the results. People understood their leaders' messages, saw the road ahead and knew the contribution they were being asked to make.

And yet ... returning after the high-adrenaline programs were implemented, we saw that the initial energy and momentum had not been sustained.

The search for sustainable change

We asked ourselves, “Why do people accept to work in environments that do not inspire them to reach their full potential?"

We traveled far and wide, searching for insight. We studied different corporate cultures, coaching methodologies, and organizational development programs. We exchanged ideas and findings with learning experts.

We concluded that there was a need for a new approach -- an approach that would support individuals in developing greater self-awareness and assist them in identifying new possibilities for themselves and their organization.

We observed the many positive effects of leadership coaching, but realized that the only way for this approach to be effective was to offer it simultaneously to all members of a team or department. By changing the way employees and their leaders engage with each other on a day-to-day basis, we saw a way to create a positive learning environment that could then be extended and embedded throughout an organization.

Making it stick

We developed, systemized, and improved the approach over a three year period and tested it in different cultures, countries, and languages. We incorporated the key principles and practices of coaching, but in a way that could be rapidly scaled to reach tens, hundreds, or even thousands of people.

The result: An engaging learning program that is both simple in its implementation and yet profound in its impact; an approach that promotes open and courageous conversation, that makes people and processes more effective; an approach that makes organizations better places to work, and that is sustainable in the long term.

We call our approach greytogreen – awareness with a purpose, and we're on a mission: enabling leadership and self-leadership move towards new work.

Our Story

Ideator, initiator, pioneer

Diane Van den BergeDiane Van den Berge


The greytogreen network

Based in Belgium, France, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland and the US, greytogreen network members work with organizations throughout Western Europe, North America and beyond. So far, we facilitate in English, French, German, Dutch and Swedish.

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