Leading and Self-Leading towards New Work

From small change to big rewards

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The challenge

“Our management team was having trouble implementing a new business strategy, even though a clear written vision and roadmap had been communicated to employees. Our company's two leaders seemed to be moving in different directions and lots of energy was being lost in second-guessing and infighting....”

greytogreen's approach

We began by interviewing all team members and the company’s two leaders to determine their individual perceptions. We then invited the two leaders and the team members to participate together in our two-day core workshop. This laid the basis for addressing their challenge.

Based on the mutual empathy that was developed during this shared experience, and their newly acquired skills of introspection and communication, the group was able to engage in a highly productive process on day three.

The team consciously and calmly checked and challenged their various conflicting viewpoints, questioned and clarified their individual motivations, removed obstacles to understanding, and created alignment where entrenched positions and lack of true dialog used to reign.

The results

The team acquired a deep awareness of the existence of “different points of view” versus “being invested in one’s own position” and this constituted a new foundation for communicating and engaging with each other. The whole group now owns their revised, enriched vision and has commited to openness and authenticity wherever future misunderstandings and conflicts might arise.

The take-away

Living the greytogreen process together for two days serves to open up minds and hearts and to reconcile entrenched positions. Infighting ceases and future team challenges are solved more easily when all team members share a common process and vocabulary.

Feedback from clients & partners

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