Leading and Self-Leading towards New Work

Managing during a time of intense challenge

greytogreen equips and supports teams to stay focused, motivated and engaged within an uncertain, stormy and stressful environment.

the challenge

In 2015, a US-based global medical device company focusing on Extremities and Biologics decided to merge with a French-based medical devices company which designed and manufactured best-in-class Upper Extremities products. Changes and challenges relating to internal procedures, different cultures and focus, as well as the fear of losing influence were expected as a result of this merger. The French R&D management team wanted to support their teams to embrace forthcoming changes, to increase their influence zone consciousness, and to develop an engaged and constructive attitude toward change.

The French-based organization chose greytogreen to partner with them to overcome these challenges.

greytogreen’s approach

greytogreen partnered with the business leader and management team to build a one-year program including four team workshops. Each workshop was co-developed with the management team and a debriefing occurred right afterwards. This enabled the development of a well-aligned and engaged community of managers, that strongly supported each other.

Business leaders then communicated that they’d have four dedicated sessions in 2016, explaining their purpose, and the content of first workshop. The content for the remaining three workshops was built with the managers along the way, taking into account their changing environments, their team needs, and evolving attitudes.

The first module focused on the human side of change and the greytogreen approach. The three other workshops focused on real business cases, leveraging greytogreen and other change-process approaches. Online questionnaires were incorporated into the program to stimulate thinking about change, reflection on the greytogreen approach, and to help foster action. Between wokshops, the participants were invited to put into practice the greytogreen approach and to work on their individual challenges with colleague using peer-coaching.

the results

The program developed and consolidated the management team’s intimacy and alignment. The program supported the team to stay focused, to remain motivated and engaged in an uncertain and stressful environment while delivering business results with high standards. Not only did the entire team gain tools to act proactively in change situations, they could use their new skills and approaches anywhere and at any time.

the take-away

  • The partnership approach between greytogreen and business leaders increased the deployment’s impact and sustainability.
  • It is essential that during a time of intense challenge (such as a merger) the management team is aligned and focused on leading their team even if the goals are not yet clear or expressed.
  • The program duration (9 months) had been key to increasing awareness, practice, reflection and integration of the method, driving real attitude change.
  • Delivering an integrated approach maximizes the benefits. Indeed, we combined both greytogreen approach and other change tools, applying them on the client’s business cases.

Feedback from clients & partners

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