Leading and Self-Leading towards New Work

Bringing a new leadership approach to life

Integrating greytogreen seamlessly into a larger rollout provided an integrated foundation for self-leadership

the challenge

A leading Swiss telecommunications provider implemented a new leadership concept - the Leadership Map - based on four core competencies, including self-leadership.

The client realized two things: firstly, that they needed to find a novel way to bring the Leadership Map to life within the organization, and secondly, that their self-leadership pillar was extremely compatible with greytogreen. So they asked greytogreen to develop a learning program which would effectively support the implementation of this new approach within the organization.

greytogreen’s approach

Together with the client’s core team, greytogreen designed a one-day workshop that consisted of three parts: 

  1. A general introduction of the Leadership Map and engaging participants in a discussion around how to live the core competencies in daily business, as well as benefits of and obstacles to doing so.
  2. Leveraging a customized version of greytogreen CHOICES & RESULTS as a means to develop a thorough understanding of the “self-leadership” core competency.
  3. A session for participants to use the Leadership Map as a tool to map their personal and career development.

Close collaboration between greytogreen and a dedicated project team was a key factor during the development process for the entire program. Together, the flow of the whole day was created, key focus points were decided, and some of the more generic cases and terms were replaced with the client’s own language - creating original content. A series of joint working sessions and pilot tests with the target audience led to a program that was very well received.

Once the workshop was designed, more than 20 managers were trained as facilitators. A detailed facilitator guide and a set of powerpoint slides were provided to support thewire role as workshop facilitators throughout the day. After the facilitator training, our team of external consultants left the project in the hands of the client.

the results

A wave of workshops were rolled-out throughout the company, which the internal facilitators and the organization team turned into a series of energizing events. Slowly, the growing number of participants started visibly leading in this new way, and thus further drawing attention to the Leadership Map.

The learning program and its delivery were clearly perceived as a message from within the company. People recognized their attitudes, culture and daily reality in the examples, as well as their own company-specific language. In that sense, greytogreen became an integral part of their understanding of self-leadership.

the take-away

When a company communicates a new leadership model, it is vital to quickly connect the message with concise, recognizable practices. By integrating greytogreen seamlessly into the overall concept and message of the Leadership Map, the engagement with the new model is interwoven with the acquisition of a shared skill, which solves problems and captures opportunities.

Feedback from clients & partners

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